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Big Orange font

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You could call this Nick's "Forgotten" Logo font, but really it was inspired by a Behance project that looked cool.

Big Orange sample text
Big Orange (Version 1.00 No) Big Orange.ttfView Font Info 156 characters — View All


  • fontspace avatar
    You could use the OpenType contextual ligatures feature to make the 'LO' combination when you type L + O, instead of having to use the asterisk. Just a thought ....
  • 629Lyric avatar
    Right, sorry.
  • DLyonsFont avatar
    Why did you change the font title name from Nickelodeon Playoffs to Big Orange? Did @fontspace request you to change the name of the font title name?
  • 629Lyric avatar
    @DLyonsFont Yep... Nickelodeon's a trademarked name.
  • 629Lyric avatar
    Good news! This font can now be seen on Fontspace's Popular Fonts section on the homepage!

    (it may take a few refreshes, but it'll be there.)
  • DLyonsFont avatar
    @629Lyric Yaaaaaaaaay!!! 😃
  • Burr27 avatar
    Is this gonna be the new Nickelodeon font?
  • Faisaltownsend13 avatar
    Can U make the 2nd version of the "Big Orange" font?
  • 629Lyric avatar
    @Faisaltownsend13 What would the second one include?
  • Faisaltownsend13 avatar
    Can U make the 2nd version of the "Big Orange" font tomorrow?
  • Faisaltownsend13 avatar
    @629Lyric The 2nd Version!
  • Faisaltownsend13 avatar
    The 2nd Version of ur "Big Orange" font that U c'n do it 'cause U're a font maker!
  • DLyonsFont avatar
    @Faisaltownsend13 629Lyric doesn't know what would the second one include...
  • Faisaltownsend13 avatar
    Can U please do th' New Nick 2nd Age font,
    Can U do it? Can U? Huh? Huh?
  • Faisaltownsend13 avatar
    Can U please do th' 2nd New Nickelodeon font an' It's called the "New Nick Second Age" font!
    Can U please do it? Can U do it? Huh?
    Please? Please?
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Version 1.00 November 3, 2015, initial release