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Satzkorn font

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satzkorn is an experimental lower-case pixelfont meant to be displayed at a height of 16 pixels mimicking a resolution of 8 pixels. the "half-pixel"-dimensions are almost exclusively used for kerning and rarely for the characters themselves. the lowercase letters are the base font and are with one exception not higher than 3 pseudo-pixels. the capital letters are composed of stylistic alternatives that exceed this height and can improve readability. the figures are old style. the font includes a complete latin character set, some ligatures, assorted mathematical and miscellaneous symbols, a collections of own symbols including popular social media icons, a raster wave set and also travel and emergency pictograms. the font is kerned and optimized.

so far satzkorn the first font that i have created. my original intend was the creation of a minimalistic type with a retro game feeling to it. feel free to criticize and request other symbols. i might publish an updated version a couple months from now.

(made with BitFontMaker2 and Glyphs)

Satzkorn Medium sample text
Satzkorn Medium (Version 1.000;P) Satzkorn_Optimized.otfView Font Info 486 characters — View All


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