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BamsHand font

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Based on my own handwriting this 'casual' style comes from quick note taking. Please leave a comment, ask me how I made it!

Feel free to use for personal use. If you're feeling generous a few pence or cents would be nice via my paypal email address

If for commercial please see use my paypal email address and send £15 or follow this link:

A quick email or link to where it is being used would be very nice, I’d love to see what you do with it.

Twitter; GraphicsBam

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BMHand Medium sample text
BMHand Medium (Version 2) BamsHand.ttfView Font Info 87 characters — View All


  • fontologist avatar
    Nice graphic.
  • graphicsbam avatar
    Thank you! I've added some new ones to all my fonts, please take a look if you have the time
  • JayEast333 avatar
  • graphicsbam avatar
    @JayEast333 Thanks! I've uploaded some more free fonts, please take a look
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