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American Horror Story font

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American Horror Story font by KELGE Fonts
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Murder Houses, Asylums, Covens, Hotels, Lost Colonies, and Cults. America's got a horror story for every occasion...

Version 2.0 (Sept. 2018) Now Available

American Horror Story sample text
American Horror Story (Version 2.0) AmericanHorrorStory-Regular.otfView Font Info 244 characters — View All

1 Comment

  • CelestialStarMan avatar
    Hm. It'd be better just to buy and download CRM American Horror instead.

    Both the lowercase and uppercase "O" are thinner in volume than the rest of the alphabet.

    Both the lowercase and uppercase "D" is out of proportion from the rest of the alphabet.

    I can see what you tried to do here, but it's probably just better off buying the official font rather than put up with inconsistent lettering.
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