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This is who we are font

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Font updated.

* Version 1.100
* New symbols.
* Correction of layer orientation.
* Correction of incorrect node coordinates.
* Tracking and Kerning tuned.

For commercial use visit: https://www.ljdesignstudios.com/fonts/this-is-who-we-are or contact: fonts@ljdesignstudios.com - ljdesigne@gmail.com
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This is who we are sample text
This is who we are (Version 1.10 Oc) This is who we are DEMO.ttfView Font Info 359 characters — View All


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    Nice !
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    @Structor Thanks you!
    Commercial licence:
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[English] <br>This is Who We Are is a typographic font designed by LJ Design Studios in 2015. <br> <br>It was inspired by the song and concert of the metalcore band As I lay Dying of the album "An Ocean Between Us", the style of the source is quite coarse, its texture and brushes are a representation of the marks of the life in somebody which was expressed as such in each letter and character of the source according to the experience lived by the author of the source. <br> <br>This typography is mainly directed to the musical genre METALCORE, but it is broad in all the Genres of Rock and Havy Metal, this is the idea of main mission that the author has wanted. <br> <br>However, the font that can be scaled to almost any genre, its design and flexibility is for everyone's use. <br> <br>It is expected to be liked by all and we hope your support buying the commercial license of this source. <br> <br>----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <br> <br>[Español] <br>This is Who we Are es una fuente tipográfica diseñada por LJ Design Studios en el año 2015. <br> <br>Fue inspirada en la canción y concierto de la banda de metalcore As I lay Dying del albúm "An Ocean Between Us", el estilo de la fuente es bastante tosca, su textura y pinceles son una representación de las marcas de la vida en alguien lo cual se plasmó como tal en cada letra y caracter de la fuente según la experiencia vivida por el autor de la fuente. <br> <br>Esta tipografía va dirigida principalmente al género musical METALCORE, pero es amplia en todos los Géneros del Rock y el Havy Metal, esta es la idea de misíon principal que el autor ha queridio. <br> <br>Sin embargo la fuente esccedible a casi cualquier género, su diseño y flexibilidad es para uso de todos. <br> <br>Se espera que sea de agrado para todos y esperamos su apoyo comprando la licencia comercial de esta fuente.


© - 2015. Designe by LJ-Design Studios. Update © - 2017 by LJ Design Studios All Rights Reserved


The typographic font is subject to license, terms and compliance to be used for commercial or brand purposes. <br> <br>Please read our policies at the following link: <br>http://www.ljdesignstudios.com/legal/
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Luis Jaramillo


Version 1.10 October 8, 2017


Source created, designed and distributed by LJ Design Studios since 2015


LJ Design Studios
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