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Dutrilin font

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Dutrilin provides runic style font. Its letters, in two or three straight lines, result from rotations, reflections and mutations of the Latin and Greek alphabets. Pronounce “Doo-Tri-Lyn”. Dutrilin targets sci-fi and fantasy contexts.

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    Many thanks to the persons who took time for downloading the Dutrilin font, and also to those who voted. It was unexpected that Dutrilin, being a fictionnal font, would reach more 100 downloads.
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    People that are patient or curious about Dutrilin can visit the blog A short PDF document gives a few details on the project and the used tools. Despite the fact that the document is written in French, one could easily recognize the tools, the steps and the initial principles that governs the chosen shapes for the runic characters of Dutrilin.

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    A precision on the potential usage of Dutrilin: you should not use it for writing a motivation letter in order to get a job; neither for writing a user manual; Dutrilin could be use in fictional and artistic contexts, either Sci-Fi ou fantasy. Maybe Dutrilin is not enough exotic for being fictionnal? This is matter of taste and balance regarding the targetted audience.

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Copyright (c) 2016, Lucas Borboleta<br><br>This work, the TrueType font named Dutrilin, by Lucas Borboleta ( is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.<br>


Version 001.000