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Graeme Kilshaw
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I am the CEO of EduCube. Working with the Friendship Cube Group to create education programs for a globalizing world. A new global language of light has emerged… and this language of light can be shared through the gift of the friendship cube and the friendship cube code. Our aim is to paint murals and publish books and deliver software solutions to the world that create peace and unity and understanding. Ultimately, there is a deep purpose in our work that really is making the world a better and brighter place to live in.
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4 years ago
The 6 symbols on the "Friendship Cube" rotate and combine to form this efficient 22bit phonetic binary code that has applications as a "light-code"… useful for wearable technology. We use the friendship cube code to make a kind of statement about Globalization and communication in this digital age. This font is a kind of phonetic language for a globalizing world embracing digital code as core.
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4 years ago
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4 years ago