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Location United Kingdom flag United Kingdom
Age: 30 years old
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Thumbnail for cecil1
ElinMererid avatar ElinMererid commented on cecil1
6 years ago
love this font.... but bit annoying with the whole no 'O' thing otherwise would use it loads more... 😕
Thumbnail for Pewter
6 years ago
Thumbnail for FayesMousewriting
6 years ago
it is lush
Thumbnail for bookmark
6 years ago
i know lovin it
sweet and simple! 😃
Thumbnail for Sniglet
6 years ago
yummy! 😛 LOL
Thumbnail for Skarpa Bold
6 years ago
lovin da font!! 😃
Thumbnail for Pleasantly Plump
6 years ago
<3 this font!!! ssoooo much!
Thumbnail for Pleasantly Plump
6 years ago
Xx This font is so lush xX
Thumbnail for National First Font
6 years ago
this font is simple but effective! but why is there bits popping out of some letters .e.g. a??? 😄
Thumbnail for DK Babysitter
almost 7 years ago
cool so nice it on my faves defo!!! 😄
Thumbnail for Cutie Pop
almost 7 years ago
Thumbnail for handwriting
almost 7 years ago