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Friedrich Mischke
Location Germany flag Germany
Age: 32 years old
Joined Aug 7, 2013
(almost 5 years ago)
Last Seen Nov 24, 2013
(4 years ago)
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A new experience , this site is great I have uploaded my font and looks great , also Here is the possibility to comment other users font and this is good :D
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4 years ago
Hey nice 😄
Thumbnail for HomegirlSchooled
4 years ago
Hey man , this looks a great font 😃
Thumbnail for HomegirlShoshanna
4 years ago
Hei is ncie to be the first to comment this font , And you have done a great job
Thumbnail for HomegirlCakePoppin
4 years ago
Great 😃
Thumbnail for Wrexham Script
4 years ago
Hey this is great , thanks for sharing with us nice font 😄
Thumbnail for Truetypewriter PolyglOTT
4 years ago
This is great I love this font 😄
Thumbnail for Bira PERSONAL USE ONLY
4 years ago
Hey this is a great font , Guys maybe some of you can look my font I also have one 😄
Thumbnail for Fjord
4 years ago
Hey man you had a great idea to post this font here , I have one to , and also I added it here , maybe you can write to me a review 😄
Thumbnail for Kenia
4 years ago
Great job man , this font is great look mine I also added one 😄
Thumbnail for A skeleton in your closet
4 years ago
HO great I love this font man 😄
Thumbnail for ANGEL TEARS
4 years ago
Hey this is a great font man , congratulations!
Thumbnail for moonhouse
4 years ago
Is great I love this font 😄
Thumbnail for Beon
Friedrich1986 commented on Beon
4 years ago
Hey this looks great , man I also have a font here , maybe you can see it , and add a comment how it looks like ?
Thumbnail for VTC-GarageSaleOutlined
4 years ago
Great font I like this 😄
Thumbnail for Ginga>
4 years ago
WOW great I love this font , Hey guys I also have one , maybe you can post a review there 😃