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Fortunately for many, videos are still hugely popular and effective which then turns our attention to YouTube Remember there are many areas of opportunity that still exist using video, and if you want to diversify your marketing you should explore it. YouTube still contains a lot of leverage if you know how to find it and use it - interesting subject, we think. It is possible to find willing business owners at YouTube who will want to work with you in the video creation area. Both of you will benefit, obviously, because any videos you create can be uploaded to two channels - get it? If you can find someone to do this, then this will be a JV of sorts and it is all about leveraging. We all know about the power of effective joint ventures, and that is what this is. Your goal should be to partner with someone that already has a presence on YouTube and isn't afraid to experiment. You will find if you wait until you have a few hundred subscribers, or so. This will not only help you with your branding but it will also help you instant recognition. What you always want to do is take the time to encourage viewers to talk with you, and that means you need to communicate with them. If you get viewers, then hopefully they will comment or ask questions, and that is your chance to jump in and get some good discussion started. If you want to test something, at the end of any particular video, challenge the viewer in some way and tell them to make a comment, etc. People love videos of themselves, for the most part, and therefore entreating them to give you a video response may cause a landslide of replies. Make a list of all you can do that will serve the purpose of community discussion and feedback. To read more, go to this website:
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