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chungdehtien Chung-deh Tien Male 49 years old United States Send a Message
Joined: May 5, 2011 (almost 4 years ago) Last Seen: Apr 26, 2015 (almost a day ago)
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Those who love typeface design like me understand why i do what i do, and i do love Cherokee font design. I have a full time job and these fonts are a hobby of mine. I believe in expanding the possibilities of all first Nation's cultural identity.

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i just updated this font. the update was the kerning. the kerning was really bad before. i didn't put the time into it. i'm very sorr...
only the "Cherokee" syllable have been changed. all the rest remains the same.
Minor changes/update to kerning. Mostly here and there. I am getting ready to work on "Gageda old" as in Sequoyah's first set of syllabl...
minor changes/ update to kerning. here and there. i am getting ready to work on "Gageda old" as in jsequoyah's first set of syllables w...