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Volunteering is a great way to stay active and involved in the community. shares studies that have found evidence that volunteering can help with both mental and physical health. It encourages you to stay active and can help you make connections and friends. This can reduce the isolation that many seniors struggle with. There are a variety of volunteer opportunities and you can find something that you are comfortable doing.

<h4>1. Volunteer at a Hospital</h4>There are a number of ways that you can volunteer at a hospital. Each hospital will have different commitment requirements and duties that you can participate in to help with the hospital. Many hospitals need volunteers in the NICU to hold babies while their parents are away at work or to help care babies that may not currently have parents. Other opportunities include reading to patients, delivering items or acting as a guide throughout the hospital. These opportunities make it easy to give back as well as spend time staying active and on top of things.

<h4>2. Volunteer at Your Church</h4>Many congregations will have a group dedicated to service or you may volunteer to organize one if there is not one available. These groups may focus on a variety of different service opportunities from putting together kits for the homeless or women’s shelter to knitting blankets or scarves for people fighting cancer. These groups are great ways to spend time chatting with people but still doing good for others. The activities do not need to be as physically strenuous and can reach a wide variety of people.

<h4>3. Volunteer in the Schools</h4>There are a variety of ways to volunteer in the schools. Contact your local school to see what opportunities are available to you. One of the most common needs is to work as a reading tutor for elementary schools. This is often one-on-one tutoring where you can form a positive relationship with a child and see growth. This type of volunteering will need a background check in order to complete, but it is not difficult to apply to be a volunteer at a school.

<h4>4. Volunteer with Senior Assistance</h4>When you first retire, you are likely very mobile and active. There are a number of ways that you can volunteer to help seniors who may have lost their mobility or who are a bit older and have a harder time driving or completing other tasks. One opportunity is to work for the Meals on Wheels organization or a similar charity that will take food into the homes of seniors or others that cannot leave. This is a great way to form relationships sine you will have a route and have the opportunity to check in with the same people each week. Another opportunity is to accompany seniors on trips to the doctor or other errands that need to be done. Serving as chauffer and support can be a big help to those who may no longer be able to drive but are otherwise fairly independent.

<h4>5. Volunteer with Voting</h4>Another opportunity to volunteer is to work at the polls during elections or to canvass and help people register to vote. If you are inclined to volunteer in this way there a number of ways that you can volunteer in your community. Contact your board of Elections to learn more about volunteering. You can also contact your local community center to see if there are opportunities available for you to volunteer there.

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