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You'll have to raise your Rodeo to give yourself access. I bought a pair of plastic ramps from Pep Boys that work great. I found that laying flattened cardboard boxes on the ground under the Rodeo made it easier to work and kept my driveway cleaner. Bring a shop light and a flashlight with you under the Rodeo- you'll need both. Your work is going to be above you, so here's what you'll need in addition to the two lights: bandaids (just kidding), sockets in 10mm and 14mm, a 17mm socket, open end wrenches in those sizes, a box end wrench in 9mm, extension bars for your ratchet, and rags. I found this really cool foldable socket wrench at Harbor Tools for twelve really came in handy, too.

Windshield water repellent/antifogger. There are salvage junk yard repellents available on the market that will help the rain and snow roll off your windshield before freezing. These and chemical anti-foggers for the inside of your windshield are available at hardware stores or auto parts stores.

The second reason why you should parts for cars online is because it is cheaper. By cutting out the middleman, you will be able to get goods at lower prices. Whether it is car wheels, lighting, sport rims or centralized alarm systems, you should be able to get lower prices when you buy car accessories through web stores and online distributors. All you need to pay for is the courier cost and the price of the goods.

All you need to do is register for construction trucks auction site. On such sites all the trucks in the construction segment will be displayed, you will get a good variety in making the deal. Visuals will also be shown that will give you the right option in selecting the best one. If there is any sort of damages they will be highlighted and shown in the auction site. You might have to check for the servicing and repair logs of the trucks. It is very important to know how bad the truck has gone un
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