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Trueblood font

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Trueblood sample text
Trueblood (Version 3.003) TRUEblood.ttfView Font Info 80 characters — View All


  • SpideRaY avatar
    Posted only 3 hours ago and already 5 downloads !!!
  • SpideRaY avatar
    A day gone by and almost 50 downloads
  • SpideRaY avatar
    Wow 4 days and already over 200 downloads that's over 50 a day not bad for my first font standby for the next one!!
  • SpideRaY avatar
    Please make my first font to get over 1,000 and don't forget to VOTE if you like it...
  • SpideRaY avatar
    I don't believe it already over 3,000 downloads not bad for a virginal attempt at font making , please support the Windows Tips Club @ Facebook

    Cheers SpideRaY
  • jasbris avatar
    Is there a chance you could update the font to include numbers? It's a really great font but it doesn't do special characters or numbers.


  • SpideRaY avatar
    Will do standby for a bit of artistic license I will start on the numbers asap. Don't forget to follow me @ http://www.facebook.com/Windows.Tips.Club
  • SpideRaY avatar
    @jasbris Thanks for the comments just had a baby and taking some time off to be a Dad, I will do this soon though you are the 2nd that has asked for this fangtastic improvement.
  • SpideRaY avatar
    Version 2.1 now available partial numbers plus improvement on the main glyphs.
  • SpideRaY avatar
    @jasbris Version 2.5 now with Full Numbers as requested and improved Glyphs... Hope you like it, spread the word in blood
  • SpideRaY avatar
    Version 2.6 now with the underlined O under the comma and the lowercase T spacing fixed.
  • SpideRaY avatar
    Version 3.3 now with extra bonus fonts, also sorted out the lowercase 'f' size
  • SpideRaY avatar
    Commercial OTF with embedding rights @ http://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/173357324/vampireblood-commercial-fon
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SpideRaY avatar SpideRaY
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Copyright (c) 2009 by SpideRaY @ www.windowstipsclub.com All rights reserved.


Copyright (c) 2009 by SpideRaY @ www.windowstipsclub.com. All rights reserved.




Version 3.003


Trueblood is a trademark of SpideRaY @ www.windowstipsclub.com.


SpideRaY @ www.windowstipsclub.com
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