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Xmas Lights font

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Xmas Lights font by Ænigma Fonts
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Licensed as: Freeware
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-> Here are some Special Characters in this font. To use them, Press
and Hold ALT then type in the 4 Nubmers using the # Pad. When you
release ALT, the character will appear.

ALT+0200 = È = Blank Bulb
ALT+0201 = É = Blank Bulb Dark
ALT+0202 = Ê = Blink Lines
ALT+0203 = Ë = Wire Space 1 ~ (small)
ALT+0204 = Ì = Wire Space 2 ~~ (medium)
ALT+0205 = Í = Wire Space 3 ~~~ (large)
ALT+0206 = Î = End Plug RIGHT
ALT+0207 = Ï = End Plug LEFT

-> The Blank Bulbs are bulbs with no characters in them.

-> For the Blink Lines, create them first, then type in the character
you want to use. Like this:


This makes the word BLINK with the Blink Lines over B, I and K.

\ | / <- Blink Lines

| X | <- the letter X (in Blub) :)
-> The Wire Space 1,2 and 3 create connecting wires between words.

-> The End Plugs are used to place Plugs to the Right and Left of your
text (at the end of the wires). Like this:


Xmas Lights -BRK- sample text
Xmas Lights -BRK- (Version 1.14) xmaslght.ttfView Font Info 104 characters — View All


  • dov11 avatar
    This font looks so awesome! Thank you so much! I haven't tried the special characters yet, but I'm going to try them out, especially to see if I can make them blink (if I've understood the directions correctly.) Thanks again so much.
  • heavencastro avatar
    Keep it up, Brian! I'll be using the font for my "Disperas ng Pasko" greeting card in gif! XD
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Version 1.14