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538Lyons Font

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538Lyons Font by 538Fonts
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This font will probably be based on this: West-Lyons Font Development - Let's make fonts together.

538Lyons Font sample text
538Lyons Font (Version 1.00 Ju) 538Lyons Font.ttfView Font Info 190 characters — View All


  • 629Lyric avatar
    Oh, really?
  • DLyonsFont avatar
    @629Lyric Yeah, do you like it?
  • 629Lyric avatar
    @DLyonsFont Yep.
  • DLyonsFont avatar
    @629Lyric I knew you would!
  • DLyonsFont avatar
    @629Lyric I now did a logo West Lyons Font Development, Inc. It's a company where we can make fonts together. The font for the text is "629Lyric", a font made by you. Credit to you for the 629Lyric font. And the font for Lyons is "538Lyons" my own personal font, and released on Fontspace. What do you think?
  • 629Lyric avatar
    @DLyonsFont Good job, man.
  • DLyonsFont avatar
    @629Lyric Thanks!
  • LordZeDD avatar
  • DLyonsFont avatar
    @LordZeDD Glad you like it!
  • Faisaltownsend13 avatar
    Can U please do th' Cyrillic version of 629Lyric's
    New Nick Second Age Concept font, Can U please do it? Can U do it? Can U? Can U? CAN U?!
  • DLyonsFont avatar
    @Faisaltownsend13 I don't do Cyrillics anymore.
  • Faisaltownsend13 avatar
    @629Lyric Can ya please do th' New Nick 2nd Age logo concept font, please please PLEASE??!!!!!
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Version 1.00 July 13, 2015, initial release