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Cloud World font

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Cloud World font by 538Fonts
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Cloud World has 1600- (wow that's a lot!) glyphs, and kinda looks like a Sky logo font. It only took 30 minutes for the font builder to create the font. Hope you enjoy!

Cloud World sample text
Cloud World (Version 1.00) CloudWorld.ttfView Font Info 1,444 characters — View All


  • lov2teach avatar
    Nice font!
  • DLyonsFont avatar
    @lov2teach Thank you! 😄
  • TK94732 avatar
    The "W" is too bold, please fix it or i fix myself.
  • DLyonsFont avatar
    @TK94732 Fixed.
  • igorzbarros avatar
    An SkyElement Logo? Porra!
  • DLyonsFont avatar
    @igorzbarros What's Porra?
  • DLyonsFont avatar
    @igorzbarros Oh I know what you mean that's Spanish for "f**k". YOU CAN'T SAY THAT AT FONTSPACE!
  • igorzbarros avatar
    @DLyonsFont You know it's saying spanish & portuguese! YOU CAN'T SAY THAT AT FONTSPACE!
  • DLyonsFont avatar
    @igorzbarros Umm...are you almost trying to copy me?
  • RyaDilly avatar
    @igorzbarros Then why did you say that word?
  • igorzbarros avatar
    @RyaDilly No to say me!
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