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SkarpaLT font by AgaSilva
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SkarpaLT sample text
SkarpaLT (Version 1.200 D) SkarpaLt.ttfView Font Info 455 characters — View All


  • dingerdangoo avatar
    Cool! I love this font!
  • joenewyork avatar
    Trouble printing, some characters don't show. Any advice?
  • AgaSilva avatar
    @joenewyork See a private message I sent you moments ago.
  • AgaSilva avatar
    @dingerdangoo you're very good 😄
  • AgaSilva avatar
    As it was brought to my attention that some characters were not showing in print. I have uploaded revised version of this font, where as I believe the trouble with printing should be resolved.
    Also in this revision more kerning pairs were added.

    Thank you for your support 😄
  • AndySachs avatar
    It's so dressy! thanks a lot
  • m97lalala avatar
  • Maddo1307 avatar
    This looks a lot like the Demi Lovato font, I like it! <3
  • IvanaMatt avatar
    The best font ever! I've been looking around for a perfect font and I always seem to come back for this one. <3
  • ldi avatar
    Hi - LOVE this font so much as well -
    I'm having problems though to with some characters printing - the letter O in particular. I see from your8/10 post a revision has been made - but it's still not working for me. Could you please help! Thank you so much!
  • AgaSilva avatar
    I got your message re: printing. Should be reposting this file shortly. Hopefully that will work for you all guys 😄
  • jayvon avatar
    It's so neat.
  • SIUEIU avatar
  • morgannabananas avatar
    So many awesome fonts, but this is my all-time favorite font<3<3
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Added (7 years ago) by
AgaSilva avatar AgaSilva
Last updated (almost 4 years ago)


You may not sell, alter, claim this font yours.


SkarpaLT (c) 2011 by Aga Silva. All rights reserved.


You may not use this font for commercial purposes. If you wish to use this font commercially please send PayPal donation of 10 USD to <br> <br>**************************** <br>If linking please link to: <br> <br>Thank you :)


Aga Silva


Version 1.200 December 08, 2011, revision


SkarpaLT is a Trademark of Aga Silva


Aga Silva
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