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Trufla Words font by AgaSilva
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Trufla Words sample text
Trufla Words (Version 1.00 Ma) Trufla Words.ttfView Font Info 96 characters — View All


  • MiffinFonts avatar
    Very pretty! 😃
  • AgaSilva avatar
    @MiffinFonts thanks 😄
  • clin2n avatar
    Nice fonts
  • AgaSilva avatar
    @clin2n thanks 😄
  • AgaSilva avatar
    Should you want to contact me, please do so by FontSpace PM's, as the e-mails associated with this account have some serious delay.
  • AgaSilva avatar
    PM contact form is here: ("Send a Message" Button)
  • GimmeaMinute avatar
    Just what I'm looking for! Thanks for sharing your talent!
  • Ingridgarcia avatar
    Hey I was looking for a font like this , maybe you can see mine , I have also one 😄
  • PumpkinFace avatar
    Looks awesome! 😘
  • SarahM19 avatar
    When i type in the box, nothing changes? what am i doing wrong? this has never happened before.
  • fontspace avatar
    @SarahM19 It's because this is a symbol/dingbat font. Each letter will produce a different word or phrase, you can't really use it for just typing.
  • Red1574 avatar
    These are absolutely beautiful.. But can anyone tell me how to figure it out in Babel map/Character map?? I am attempting to use this in Cricut Design Space... When i open it in Babel Map, every box has AgaSilva in it.. so there is no way to know which words Im choosing.. I can randomly choose come boxes and take it over to Design Space.. But AgaSilva shows up again.. UNTIL i type a few letters.. then words will appear, but there is no way to know which word will appear.. is there a guide to which letters are associated with which words?
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Version 1.00 March 6, 2013, initial release


Trufla Words ® is a Trademark of AgaSilva.


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