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Regal font by Aldus
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  • armtuk avatar
    The font fails to embed with the erro: The font Regal could not be embedded in the PDF document because of licensing restrictions. Stroked text will not be visible.
  • BrittanyKG avatar
    I only get one letter A and the rest are just squares!
  • BrittanyKG avatar
    Nevermind only works when in caps! Good to know!
  • anna11 avatar
    Just curious if it is OK to sell this font when altered. I see someone selling it as a cutting file.
  • eliteembroidery avatar
    it doesn't work in office but works in photoshop!
  • alyssareillydesign avatar
    This font is phenomenal - exactly the sophisticated feel I was going for. Thanks for making it availiable!
  • apcline avatar
    The letter O and the letter Q are exactly the same I need the letter O.
  • teamgirlco avatar
    I really love this font, but cant use it because it only types in caps and the letter "O" and "Q" are the same font.
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