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Quivira font by Alexander Lange
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  • Aesthir avatar
    Awesome font! It doesn't skip out on all the supplemental glyphs that most others do. For example, it contains EVERY box-drawing character, not just the thin ones. It also contains Mahjong & Domino tiles, playing cards, emoticons, alchemical symbols, pictographs, dingbats, blocks & shapes, enclosed characters, superscripts & subscripts, etc, etc...

    Furthermore, it's not burdened by the thousands/millions of east asian characters, which (if unable to read any eastern asian language, are completely useless) would increase its file size and system resources required to have it active.

    Beautiful font! I love it's containment of all miscellaneous, supplementals, specials, private use, modifiers, and glyph variants. I'd say 99.9% of all other fonts out there skip out on many or all of these extras.
  • BRYNDANM avatar
    Too many letters
  • LitigiousOx avatar
    Thank you so much for this amazing font! I've signed up just to write this comment. You've done an amazing job at covering so many Unicode ranges! Congratulations and thank you again.
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Version 3.7

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