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Braton Composer Stamp Rough font

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Braton Composer Stamp Rough font by Alit Design
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After releasing the Rumble Brave font with a vintage elegant style successful in the market. Now we are launching a vintage font that is plump, looks fat, strong, heavy but still elegant and unique. “Braton Composer typeface” falls into the bold serif font category, but it also has italic options. This impression is perfect for design that has a firm and elegant concept.

Braton Composer typeface is very worthy of your collection, because Braton Composer is very unique when combined with swash and alternative of the character options.

In addition to “Braton Composer Regular” also has 2 other styles, namely "Braton Composer Rough"and “Braton Composor Stamp Rough”.

Braton Composer Typeface is perfect for beverage label design project. coffee label. logotype design, badges, classic wedding concept. victorian design concept and so on. gig poster, letterhead, droop cap, titles, and any artworks.

BratonComposerStampRough-Regular sample text
BratonComposerStampRough-Regular (Version 1.000) BratonComposerStampRough-Regular.ttfView Font Info 334 characters — View All


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