Poppies Font

Poppies Font screenshot abstract Poppies Font screenshot abstract
Poppies Font screenshot abstract

About Poppies Font

Poppies is a Chill font that was created by Art Vibes in . It was added to FontSpace on

Poppies is licensed as Public Domain, which means it is 100% free for both personal use and commercial use.

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More Information

This is a cool new type of font called "Color Font!" That means in some of the more artsy applications you can change the inside color of the uppercases, punctuation, and numbers in my font. If not using one of these artsy applications the font will show up just as the preview shows on this website.

"Using Color fonts
Adobe apps
😀 Illustrator CC 2018+ and Photoshop CC 2017+ are Adobe’s only apps that officially support & display color fonts (InDesign CC 2018 got unofficial support).

😞 Illustrator CC 2017, Photoshop CC 2015 and older versions DO NOT support color fonts. In these apps, you will see a non-colored fallback version of the font (because Fontself includes 2 versions of your glyphs in the OpenType file, one colorful and another with black shapes for retro-compatibility).

In your font menu, Color fonts have a cool new Opentype-SVG icon.

But some usual font edition features are not supported for these fonts:

Change font colors
Add stroke
Add drop shadow
Pick font color (via Eyedropper)
Web browsers
Today only Microsoft Edge (since version 38 on Windows 10) and Firefox (since version 26) support Opentype-SVG color fonts.

Other apps
Color vector fonts: in all other apps, you will see the non-colored fallback version of the font, as Fontself for Illustrator automatically saves a black version of your color vector glyphs. On MacOS and Windows font managers will also show this black fallback version.

Color bitmap fonts: as Fontself for Photoshop also includes a version of your font that is compatible with MacOS apps, such fonts can then be installed via any font manager like Font Book, used and displayed in most native apps like Pages, Keynote, TextEdit, Safari, and embedded in PDF files or directly printed (color fonts in PDFs will only show up on Macs).

Most third-party apps that rely on Apple’s core font technologies such as Pixelmator or Sketch also support color bitmap fonts (yet Affinity doesn’t support them so far).

On the Windows operating system and in most Windows apps, color fonts will not show up!"

Regular PostScriptMore Info 91 glyphs / 144 chars View Charmap
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  • fontspace avatar
    Can you upload a screenshot of the color font?
  • brittanymcfar avatar
    @fontspace done! The "color font" as Fontself calls it is shown in the photoshop pic and it will show up as the word document pic for the everyday user. Hope this helps!
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Basic Info

Font Name Poppies
File Name Poppy Field.otf
File Size 281kb
Created 4/30/2018 3:34:42 AM
Modified 4/30/2018 3:34:42 AM
Glyph Type PostScript
# Glyphs 91
# Characters 144


Version 1.002;Fontself Maker 2.3.0