Atrian Font

by NathanCaldecott

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2 font family styles

Atrian 1 Style

Atrian 1
truetype 86 glyphs 94 characters

Atrian 3 Style

Atrian 3
truetype 86 glyphs 94 characters
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    About Atrian Font


    If you're reading this, then you've downloaded Atrian, my new typeface!
    I've spent over 2 years making this (originally as 'Arctik' (which
    you can download here, and it's
    really nice to know that it's being used in people's lives.

    Firstly, for anyone having trouble installing, on Vista/7+ versions
    of Windows, you simply have to right click on the font, and install.
    You can even select all the fonts at the same time, it makes the
    process much quicker. I can't help anyone on a Mac or earlier
    versions of windows, although a quick Google should solve any issues.

    The font itself contains two weights, Atrian 1, and Atrian 3. All
    the fonts are covered by a Creative Commons license, meaning
    you can use it in your own personal work, and even produce derivatives,
    providing you ask me first (I won't bite!) and share in the same way
    I have. (and it'd be really nice to know where it's being used!).
    Derivatives can vary in any style, and additionally, if you're making a
    derivative from a derivative, then you should also let all the
    designers who've contributed know.

    It's been a pleasure making this, and I hope you enjoy it!

    If for any reason you'd like to follow the things I do in the future,
    I have a few websites/portfolios/blogs going, checking them out would
    be most wonderful.

    If you need to contact me for licensing, or anything else (atall!),
    my email is [email protected]. Thank you, very, very much.


    Commercial licenses

    There are no commercial license purchase options. Contact the designer.
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