Bee Ridge Vintage Font

by Roland Huse Design

Bee Ridge Vintage Font

Semi-condensed Bold Style

Bee Ridge Vintage Semi-condensed Bold
truetype 248 glyphs 248 characters
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    About Bee Ridge Vintage Font

    This is an eroded / stony version of Bee Ridge Font what best fits to vintage style designs. Bee Ridge is a semi condensed sans serif family which contains Regular, Bold, Italic and Bold Italic versions.

    As I am currently working on this family the character set and the glyphs will contain more elements than the vintage edition.

    Feel free to drop me a line in case of questions, reporting errors, unkerned pairs or any feedback. That would also help me in my design work, and would be greatly appreciated!


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    real name on the net? surely you jest
    10 years ago

    Great character set! (How many people post fonts to these sites that have a decent collection of math characters? )

    Actually, my thought when I first set eyes on this font was that it would be good for a science fiction-related use. (Perhaps one day Paramount will make another Star Trek movie and pay you a bunch of money to use it for the credits!) When you say it's best-suited to "vintage style designs," is there a particular time period you have in mind?

    Roland Huse
    10 years ago

    @viperrific Thank you very much for your supportive comment. I am glad you like my fonts. I haven't really had any particular time period it's rather supposed to be related to an art deco style and just looking old mostly because it's eroded. It's interesting that you thought it would be good for science fiction.