A font LIGHT PERSONAL USE Font screenshot text
A font LIGHT PERSONAL USE Font screenshot text


A font LIGHT PERSONAL USE is a Display font that was created by Billy Argel in . It was added to FontSpace on

A font LIGHT PERSONAL USE is licensed as Freeware, Non-Commercial, which means it is free for personal use only. To use the font commercially, you will need to purchase a license or contact Billy Argel

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this font is partial and free for personal use.

commercial licenses and complete set available @ billyargel.com

more info contact:
[email protected]

visit www.billyargel.com


Regular PostScriptMore Info 244 glyphs / 254 chars View Charmap
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Basic Info

File Size 64kb
Created 5/29/2016 10:55:00 PM
Modified 6/17/2016 9:48:48 PM
Glyph Type PostScript
# Glyphs 244
# Characters 254


Copyright (c) 2005 by . All rights reserved.


Copyright (c) 2016 by billy argel. All rights reserved.


LICENSE AGREEMENT FOR COMMERCIAL USE OF GRAPHIC FONTS<br><br>UNDER INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OF ADHERBAL ARGEL (BILLY ARGEL)<br><br>Preamble<br><br>This "Single License Agreement for Commercial Use of Graphic Fonts" defines and covers<br>• 3.1 - Each license for commercial use of graphic font specified on the invoice, acquired by<br><br>the "LICENSEE", granting the following rights and obligations of/or commercial use to<br><br>the "LICENSEE" specified in the purchase invoice of individual commercial licenses:<br><br>• 3.1.1 - Each individual commercial license allows, for one time, the commercial use<br><br>to create designs or other creations on vector or fixed drawings, digitally or<br><br>hand-drawing, always used by the "LICENSEE" or by a client of this, as long as all<br><br>other rules and conditions of this "License Agreement for Commercial Use of<br><br>Graphic Fonts" are respected.<br><br>• 3.1.2 - The "LICENSEE" can produce, with an individual license, for one time:<br><br>graphic works, drawings, creative works or related, to himself or to a third person or<br><br>company; in this case the "LICENSEE" shall have the obligation to transfer the<br><br>individual commercial license to the third party with the graphic works, drawings,<br><br>creative works or related, and, from this moment, the individual license becomes part<br><br>of those graphic works, drawings, creative works or related. In this case the third<br><br>party will have to accept this "License Agreement for Commercial Use of Graphic<br><br>Fonts" and cannot transfer it to another, neither shall use it in other graphic works,<br><br>drawings, creative works or related.<br><br>• 3.1.3 - A single license allows the "LICENSEE" to create images on any surface<br><br>such as paper, web pages, computer monitors, photos, movie credits, printed<br><br>material, T-shirts and other surfaces.<br><br>• 3.1.4 An individual license allows the simultaneous use on up to three computers,<br><br>always owned by the "LICENSEE" and are limited to the stipulated in the other<br><br>clauses of this "License Agreement for Commercial Use of Graphic Fonts", i.e., to<br><br>the final production of single graphic works, drawings, creative works or related.<br><br>• 3.1.5 An individual license grants to the "LICENSEE" the right to transform or<br><br>distort characters for artistic purposes and is limited to the stipulated in the other<br><br>clauses of this "License Agreement for Commercial Use of Graphic Fonts".<br><br>• 3.1.6 - The individual license does not entitle updates subsequent to the date of the<br><br>invoice issued by the "LICENSOR".<br><br>• 3.1.7 - The "LICENSEE" cannot, in any manner and/or by any means (software or<br><br>computer codes editors for example), change or modify the source code of graphic<br><br>fonts licensed by this "License Agreement for Commercial Use of Graphic Fonts”.<br><br>• 3.1.8 - The "LICENSEE" with the final and non refundable purchase of a<br><br>commercial use license of a particular graphic font, and after having available the<br><br>link to download the font file in the web page user account ("site") of billyargel.com,<br><br>accepts and agrees that, as the model of acquired licensed font, the font assembly<br><br>may contain or not uppercase, lowercase, accents, symbols and/or other characters.<br><br>To do so, he accepted and has knowledge of the content of the set of characters<br><br>available for the particular font from which he acquired the license for commercial<br><br>use.<br><br>• 3.1.9 The "LICENSEE" accepts and agrees to all other copyrights rights of the<br><br>"LICENSOR" on protected by this agreement and all other covered by laws of<br><br>protecting copyrights, locally and internationally, of the graphic artist Adherbal<br><br>Argel, known as Billy Argel.<br><br>• 3.1.10 - The “LICENSEE" agrees that the acquisition of "License for Commercial<br><br>Use of Graphic Fonts " grants only the right to use the graphic font acquired under<br><br>this agreement, as stipulated and limited to this "License for Commercial Use of<br><br>Graphic Fonts" and not granting or transferring any ownership rights over artistic<br><br>creation, graphic work, source codes or any other that is part of the technological and<br><br>creative set of graphic font that has been purchased under this "License Agreement<br><br>for Commercial Use of Graphic Fonts".<br><br>4 - The beginning and end of completeness and validity of this agreement<br><br>• 4.1 - This agreement between the "LICENSOR" and the "LICENSEE" starts from the<br><br>date of issue of the invoice to purchase the "License(s) Agreement for Commercial Use of<br><br>Graphic Fonts" together with the confirmation of the non-cancellable payment of invoice<br><br>that purchases license(s) for commercial use of graphic fonts, issued and confirmed by the<br><br>"LICENSOR".<br><br>• 4.2 - This agreement has no termination date, but is limited to the final publication of the<br><br>graphic works, drawings, creative works or related, produced by the "LICENSEE" to<br><br>himself or to a third person or company, provided that it meets all the other obligations and<br><br>limits of this "License Agreement for Commercial Use of Graphic Fonts".<br><br>5 - Penalties of this "License Agreement for Commercial Use of Graphic Fonts"<br><br>• 5.1 - The "LICENSOR" is given the right, and the "LICENSEE" agrees, that this<br><br>agreement will be terminated automatically, without the need for other procedures,<br><br>whenever the "LICENSEE" does not fulfill any of the obligations agreed to in this<br><br>"License Agreement for Commercial Use of Graphic Fonts".<br><br>• 5.2 - If any breach of this agreement by either party occurs, the "License for Commercial<br><br>Use of Graphic Fonts" covered by this Agreement will be canceled automatically without<br><br>any need of informal, formal, legal proceedings or of any nature.<br><br>*********** END OF THE TEXT OF THIS AGREEMENT ***********<br>the rights and obligations between "Billy Argel Fonts" (billyargel.com) and their customers<br><br>and / or purchasers of licenses for commercial use of graphic fonts under intellectual property<br><br>of Adherbal Argel, graphic artist, internationally known as Billy Argel.<br><br>Same fonts, covered by this agreement for commercial use, are available, under discretion of<br><br>Adherbal Algiers, exclusively for personal use, free of charge, being covered by the license<br><br>http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/, reserving the right of the artist (Adherbal<br><br>Argel) to cancel the availability at his discretion.<br><br>Agreement<br><br>1 - The designation and description of the participants in this agreement<br><br>• 1.1 - Henceforth, in this agreement, is called "LICENSOR", the graphic artist Adherbal<br><br>Argel, known as "Billy Argel", through his commercial site (web page) called "Billy Argel<br><br>Fonts," which has the following domain name on the Internet: billyargel.com.<br><br>• 1.2 - Henceforth, in this agreement is called "LICENSEE", the buyer of individual<br><br>license(s) to use graphic fonts for commercial purposes, represented in the purchase invoice<br><br>issued by the site "Billy Argel Fonts" (billyargel.com).<br><br>2 - The acquisition by the "LICENSEE" of the individual license for commercial use of<br><br>graphic fonts designed by "LICENSOR"<br><br>• 2.1 - "LICENSOR" and the "LICENSEE" accept as legal and representative document of<br><br>acquisition of this individual license for commercial use, the invoice issued by the<br><br>"LICENSOR" and confirmed as paid by way of non-cancellable by "LICENSEE".<br><br>• 2.2 - The invoice issued by the "LICENSOR" in favor of "LICENSEE", will bring the<br><br>name and describe the amount of commercial licenses purchased for each graphic font of<br><br>artistic creation of the "LICENSOR".<br><br>• 2.3 - The number of individual commercial licenses of each font is represented, in the<br><br>invoice, by their units, i.e., the "LICENSEE" acquires the amount of commercial licenses<br><br>represented by the units in the invoice issued by the "LICENSOR".<br><br>3 - Obligations and rights derived from this "License Agreement for Commercial Use of<br><br>Graphic Fonts"
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billy argel


Version 1.000


A font LIGHT PERSONAL USE is a trademark of billy argel.


billy argel
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