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Shit Happens font by Billy Argel
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ShitHappens-Cursive sample text
ShitHappens-Cursive (Version 1.000) Shit Happens trial__.otfView Font Info 63 characters — View All


  • logosafari avatar
    That's a nice font!
  • Melrox14 avatar
    mm, very nice font gr8 for many uses 😄
  • lo5za avatar
    Luvs it!
  • hkatkins avatar
    BADD WORD!!!
  • khiddswaggersolute avatar
    yew actually care about dat word yew knw u cuss @hkatkins
  • bsbygirl2012 avatar
    really wat is this
  • pandora avatar
    love the font am teaching my 10 yr old thank you though he will not spell shit
  • IzyLo9147 avatar
    This is a really nice font to use 😄 Simple but nice
  • roxy192001 avatar
    this a really nice font you can actully read it
    :D lol
  • nowep avatar
    i love it
  • taft avatar
    i'm using this font for my whole project on shakespeare 😄
  • salatigacity avatar
    I love it. Thanks
  • tat2mike avatar
    i use this font when people want their boy or girl friends name tattooed on em lol gotta have a sense of humor...
  • lnfjkj avatar
    I love this font, but wish I could use numbers. I thought this would look great for my wedding invites, but I need numbers 😞
  • RenAcou avatar
    CUTE FONT ..
    LOVE iT ..<3 ..
  • PinkBubble14 avatar
    iconic font ...... i<3 iconic boyz
  • vannucci avatar
    very nice... for romantic invites!
  • JusticeSweet avatar
    Capitals are perfect for sailboat signage
    and book covers.
    Hungry for more.
  • izzyfizzyrox avatar
    Luv it <3
  • ivivi avatar
    Wot? No numbers? Wot? Wot? Durn it! Gosh durn it 😞....
  • Lupitamartinez13 avatar
    Love this font <3 😉
  • Supundulram avatar
  • DinaNina avatar
    Hahahahahaha, love the font and its name! 😄
  • atesoriero avatar
    Love it.. It is perfect for the Toast I gave at my best friends wedding!! 😄
  • LavenderTheBunny avatar
    Nice Font but I wish it had a different name
  • chaschata avatar
    Beautiful and elegsnt. Thank youl
  • Ruvarashe avatar
    i love it ...
  • Pianoplayer21 avatar
    This font is really nice!!!!
  • fireball12 avatar
    this just aint me :S
  • chazah avatar
    What a beautiful font..... with such an ugly name!
  • kristingilmore avatar
    i agree with chazah on this one, the name is profoundly innaporpriate. i will not stand back and watch this pile of dog poop ruin this masterpiece of a website and bring it down so. and sorry, fireball12 but if this fnt 'isnt you' then im relived, that you're not a fnt tbh 😉. haha thats so creepy that i just put a wink face 😉 😉
  • x0x0x0x0liamgodfreex0x0x0x0 avatar
    i totally love the name of this omg!!!!!!!life is so goood xoxoxoxox
  • liamgodfree2K12xoxox avatar
    ths iz a lvly fnt, i cnt get enuff of it. it is gr8 4 my grphics hmwrk, bt i cba duin it.
  • DropKickDestiny avatar
    Imma be getting 'Dreams For The Sleepless' tattooed across my chest in this font cuz its so bad ass. lol
  • liamgodfree2K12xoxox avatar
    omggggggg i just cant get enough of this font!! xxx love my friends xxxxx
  • BabeJanKay101xxx avatar
    Omg bst fnt evr, luv it sooooo much xxxxxxxxxxx
  • neeyania avatar
    Niiiiice and totally agree with the title!
  • presley22durkin22 avatar
    i love this one
  • weknow avatar
    people love this font even the title is know
  • Kcklangel avatar
    Cute font, thank you so much
  • divvychild avatar
    i <3 this font!!!!
  • swimminglover98 avatar
    i love this its awesome
  • Goatfoot avatar
    font names can be changed on your computer Mac or PC. Search on Google for changing font names. This is one that REALLY needs to be changed.
  • liljazzy4 avatar
    loveee this font !!!!
  • lauren13 avatar
    love it!?
  • naseer avatar
  • infamous027 avatar
    This is nice
  • charlotteelemjadXXXXX avatar
    This font is BADASS its ahhmayzang this s*** is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kristingilmore is a dumbass for saying this font ay gud
  • jimllfixit avatar
    i really loved this one i enjoyed it muchly. love jimmy saville
  • softie avatar
    I call it dreamy
  • Avon avatar
    Amazin font.....
  • v3s avatar
    thanks broo, your font so cool
  • hevbee avatar
    Thank you 😄
  • lpowell3rd avatar
    thank you! 😄
  • mwnubd avatar
    thank you!
  • swaggy111115 avatar
    @hkatkins haha.
  • swaggy111115 avatar
    @Avon it is amazin.
  • swaggy111115 avatar
    @lauren13 is it a question?
  • burgobby avatar
    always loved this font
  • KFCLOVER2K12 avatar
    tell me about it, only got 7 pieces in an 8 piece box
  • phoning420 avatar
    Rubbish font
  • wish2be1me avatar
    @kristingilmore huhh?
  • KnockOnWoodDesigns avatar
    I love the font but hate the name
  • LeanneTilley1 avatar
    omg it swears. hahahaha
  • carl52 avatar
    thanks.nice font.
  • rakkbass avatar
    is this the name of the font? really?
  • gregorpant avatar
    @logosafari Tottaly agree!
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Copyright (c) 2011 by Billy Argel. All rights reserved.


Copyright (c) 2011 by Billy Argel. All rights reserved.


Shit Happens font by billy argel fonts all rights reserved free for personal use only. commercial licenses available. more info contact visit
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Billy Argel


Version 1.000


Shit Happens Cursive is a trademark of Billy Argel.


Billy Argel
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