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Scroll through the DIY category on Pinterest, and you’re likely to come across vinyl. Lots of it. Signs with catchy sayings, organizing labels, custom cups—combined with an electronic cutter like the Silhouette Cameo or Cricut Explore, you name it, vinyl can make it happen.

But any crafter will tell you the right fonts can mean the difference between Pinterest pride and Pinterest fail, especially when it comes to vinyl. You need a font that will cut well so it will peel smoothly with minimum annoying weeding (that’s peeling all the leftover vinyl, like the inside of an “o”). Here's some fonts that will warrant a "wow:"

Cutie Patootie: With a name like that, how can we resist? Great for crafts for young kids, use this one for extra adorable factor. Cutie Patootie Medium should do the trick.

Lakesight: With all the swirls and whirls, cursive fonts can be tricky to peel. Play it safe with Lakesight. It's a bold, well-connected font that still offers a bit of flair. Try personalizing a tumbler with it for a quick but meaningful gift.

Impregnable: If you're feeling a bit more daring, this font takes the classy factor up a notch. It's elegant, bold, and sure to impress. Just peel slowly, and you should be fine.

Star Jedi: Sure to please the Star Wars fan and your cutter, the Force is strong with this one (we just couldn't help ourselves).

Deathe Macche NCV: You can't get much manlier than Deathe Macche. We think it would look great on a man cave sign. And as thick and manly as it is, it should weed nicely. 

Montserrat: If you're looking for a versatile font for a variety of projects, this is an excellent choice. It's a san-serif font that comes in regular and bold. It could even go on the man cave sign, too.

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