When Designing Your Website, Don't Underestimate the Importance of Typography

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Typography flies under the radar for most people because, when it's done right, it goes unnoticed. It's similar to good sound design in a film. Think about it: unless you have a related job, you've probably never left a movie and thought, "Wow! The sound was great!" But if the sound is not in sync with the image, or pulling a zipper sounds like like a gush of wind, you are going to notice. 

It's the same with fonts-- you will only notice it if it looks funky. If you are designing a website, it's time to pay attention to typography. 

Here's something you might not have noticed: websites use a variety of fonts that work well together. 

Don't worry; when you're trying to find the right typography for your website, you don't have to pay someone the big bucks to design for you.

Check out a website such as Type Genius, which can help you choose fonts that look good together and fit your brand. All you have to do is start with a font that you think represents your image.

If you'd rather choose all the fonts yourself, start by studying. Pay attention to the websites you regularly visit. How many different fonts do they use? Did you even notice that the fonts were different?

At FontSpace, we have hundreds of fonts to get you inspired. If you need help picking out fonts for your website, or if you're a designer and have a font you'd like to share, please contact us.


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