How to Pick the Best Scrapbooking Fonts

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When scrapbooking, you want to create something visually fun and memorable to look at for years to come. That's why it is so important to pick the best scrapbooking fonts for your project. Here are three things to look for when picking your fonts:

Excitement - You usually won't have huge sections of block text for scrapbooking. This gives you the freedom to choose fonts that are not the easiest to read, but are fun and exciting. Don't be afraid to use a font that you aren't familiar with.

Matching - A fun way to bring your scrapbooking pages to life is by matching your fonts to the pictures you're using. Are you scrapbooking about a fun children's activity? A handwritten font, like I Love Me Some Aly, has a whimsical quality perfect for that. Coordinate holiday pictures with fonts that highlight an aspect of the event. The hearts in CookieMonster work great with a valentine themed page. Have some fun with a graduation page with an out of the box font like Vermin Vibes 2 Black. No matter the theme, there is a unique and creative font out there to match your project.

Contrast - When using more than one font on a project, you will want to pick fonts that are completely different. Fonts that look similar clash when put together. This can create a feel that something is off about the page. A good idea is to have one font that really stands out, and then a secondary font that is more conservative.

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