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bosil unique Regular font

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bosil unique Regular font by bosil unique fonts
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Just a simple handwritten face that looks good in small point sizes as well as large. Has the appearance of a fine point marker but not sloppily written. Most punctuation is there for just about any application. Check out bosil Marker if you like this one.

bosil unique Regular sample text
bosil unique Regular (version 1.75 20) bosil unique Regular.ttfView Font Info 248 characters — View All


  • bosiluniques avatar
    I have know idea how all the alternate characters appeared in the font. I didn't physically put them there so I am assuming that it was integrated from a freebie font making program that I had long ago when using to add the font info into the font file. It doesn't show up that way in my font viewer. Bizarre. Oh well, I guess it's an added perk for the font. It also happened with my other font, bosil Marker which I did around the same time.
  • robynnrocks avatar
    I love this. 😄
  • leiyachiko avatar
    Great font, love this one too..
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Copyright 2005, bosil uniques freeware fonts


version 1.75 2005


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