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I couldn't find what I needed for a graphics project quite a while ago, so I made my own. I had planned to add numbers but never got around to it. Maybe sometime soon, if there is enough interest out there for it. Hope it will be useful for someone out there.

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  • bosiluniques avatar
    Once again, it looks like all the alternate characters are added without me knowing about it. I still think it was something in a freebie program I got many years ago to rename the font that added them. None of my font viewing programs on my computer show this. I am stumped. Please let me know if they show up in your downloads.
  • bosiluniques avatar
    Forgot to mention, each character overlaps its own spray a tiny bit into the next character. This gives a different view of overspray depending on which two or three are adjacent to each other. Kind of cool effect if using different colors with each character or words.
  • AutumnPandora avatar
    Wow, this is awesome!
  • coolartdudes avatar
    Awesome font. Very uniquely sprayed 😉
  • TigerBabieh avatar
    dis ihs a tight font!!:)
  • savetheplanet avatar
    This is a GREAT font. What kind of donation do you require to make this font available for commercial use to incorporate it into a design on for sale products ? If I donate, do you send me via email the license permitting commercial use ? Thank you.
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