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VanessaMarie font

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VanessaMarie font by ByTheButterfly
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Thank you for interest in my font :) My fonts are free for personal use only. If you are interested
in commercial use, please contact me @ BYTHEBUTTERFLY@GMAIL.COM You may redistribute my fonts on your site as
long as you give credit to http://bythebutterfly.com as the original creator.

VanessaMarie sample text
VanessaMarie (Version 001.000) vanessamarie.ttfView Font Info 98 characters — View All


  • Athosismyhero avatar
    This font is sweet! Love it 😄
  • ByTheButterfly avatar
    @Athosismyhero Thankyou!! Its actually my everyday handwriting lol you are so sweet!!!!
  • hevbee avatar
    Fantastic!! Love it!! Thanks
  • ByTheButterfly avatar
    @hevbee Thank You!
  • SwagNSweet avatar
    How do u make a heart with this font? Or can u at all?
    Btw, i LOVE this font! It's soooo cute!
  • ByTheButterfly avatar
    @SwagNSweet THANK YOU!!! <3 its the { } and [ ] keys. There are 4 fun shapes in this set 😄
  • SwagNSweet avatar
    @ByTheButterfly No prob 😃 & ok, i figured it out, Thanks (: The hearts are amazing, btw xD
  • ByTheButterfly avatar
    @SwagNSweet Aww thank you!! Glad you got them to work 😄
  • KottonKandy avatar
    since you do names, can you please do the name Julia like this one, with hearts. It would mean so much! I love your fonts! I have almost all of them!
  • ByTheButterfly avatar
    @KottonKandy I will write this down for the future fonts 😄 I will let you know. CUTE avatar btw 😄
  • KottonKandy avatar
    thank you so much! and its pinkie pie from my little pony.
  • ByTheButterfly avatar
    @KottonKandy I know 😄 I drew her in illustrator before. I LOVE MLP!!!
  • KottonKandy avatar
  • KottonKandy avatar
    Is your name Vanessa
  • ByTheButterfly avatar
    @KottonKandy Yes, it is. And thats so cool
  • KottonKandy avatar
    im Julia
  • TheWifeOfLiamJamesPayne avatar
    Is it possible to copy the font and write something with this font (and of course I'll give credit, why wouldn't I!) without having to download it? Because I love it!
  • viperrific avatar
    @TheWifeOfLiamJamesPayne Why do you not want to download it?
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Added (almost 6 years ago) by
ByTheButterfly avatar ByTheButterfly
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Version 001.000