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Workaholic font

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Workaholic font by ByTheButterfly
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Thank you for interest in my font :) My fonts are free for personal use only. If you are interested
in commercial use, please contact me @ BYTHEBUTTERFLY@GMAIL.COM You may redistribute my fonts on your site as
long as you give credit to http://bythebutterfly.com as the original creator.

Workaholic sample text
Workaholic (Version 001.000) workaholic.ttfView Font Info 98 characters — View All


  • hevbee avatar
    Thank you once again Butterfly 😄
  • Spacini avatar
    I see a lot of Baskerville elements in this set, which is one of my favorite traditional type faces. What inspired you to go in this direction from all the other sets you've designed?
  • ByTheButterfly avatar
    @Spacini You know, I was wanting something with a handwritten feel, but not girly. I had been working so hard on the fonts, and that just came to me and I went with it 😄 I wanted a type writer feel of a sort, as if someone had been pressing the keys too hard. THANK YOU again for the kind words.
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Version 001.000