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brightfuture font

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brightfuture font by calej d'art
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This is the perfect font for a children's book, gives you a spring in your step kind of feeling when you use it.

*For Personal use only.

For Commercial use, send a donation of any amount via Paypal to

visit my site at

more fonts:

Feel free to contact me at

*All of your donations will go to He Cares Foundation, a caring center for street children in Metro Manila, Philippines

Have fun using this font. Use it for kind words only! Bless you!

brightfuture sample text
brightfuture (Version 001.000) brightfuture.ttfView Font Info 99 characters — View All


  • kristingilmore avatar
    thanks to this font, i now feel as though i have a bright future ahead of me. thanks for making me feel alive again. xoxo
  • calej avatar
    @kristingilmore Awwww your comment made my day! Thanks for downloading it! Love your profile pic too! 😄
  • kristingilmore avatar
    @calej didnt download it lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxlol
  • AbelHerrero avatar
    It useful for me..for creating extra-ordinary content..
  • Pianoplayer21 avatar
    love it
  • eriKa87 avatar
    Hi 😄 I looove your fonts! It's lovely!! I would like to use for my shop flyer and the website.. If I donate, is commercial use allowed?
  • calej avatar
    @eriKa87 Surely! 😄
  • calej avatar
    @Pianoplayer21 Thanks! 😄
  • calej avatar
    @AbelHerrero Glad to hear it! 😄
  • calej avatar
    @kristingilmore Awwwww 😞
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