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Lumos font by Carpe Saponem
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Lumos (v.1) is a freeware font inspired by the Harry Potter books. I made this font after long unsuccessful searches for the display font used in the US editions of Harry Potter. If you're interested in the official version, I found out that it's a font by Marcus Burlile called "Ablefont" in The Many Faces of Arnold - Lookalike Fonts, an enlightening article by Kevin Andrew Murphy for TBP!

To create the font, I used Softy, a great shareware font program! I am excited to have the font, and I am equally happy to share it with other fans of J.K. Rowling's fabulous books.

You can use it in CAPS ONLY for a more true-to-the-book look, or use the 'small-caps' (lowercase) letters which have a few quirky variations. The caps and small caps are complete, digits 0-9, and most of the punctuation marks are included, too. Don't forget to be on the lookout for the hidden dingbats -- I think I put in six. If you look really hard, you might find the super-tiny golden snitch! :-)

Lumos sample text
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    Nice job!
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