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GalileoFLF-Bold Font Letters Charmap GalileoFLF-BoldItalic Font Letters Charmap GalileoFLF-Italic Font Letters Charmap GalileoFLF-Roman Font Letters Charmap
GalileoFLF-Bold Font Letters Charmap
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About GalileoFLF Font

GalileoFLF is a serif font family with 4 styles that was created by Casady & Greene in . It was added to FontSpace on

The license information for GalileoFLF is unknown, but is assumed to be free for personal-use.

Unfortunately, we have no contact information for Casady & Greene, but if you find any please let us know!

Preview image for GalileoFLF-Bold
GalileoFLF-Bold (1.0) GalileoFLF-Bold.ttfView Font Info 236 glyphs — View All
Preview image for GalileoFLF-BoldItalic
GalileoFLF-BoldItalic (1.0) GalileoFLF-BoldItalic.ttfView Font Info 235 glyphs — View All
Preview image for GalileoFLF-Italic
GalileoFLF-Italic (1.0) GalileoFLF-Italic.ttfView Font Info 235 glyphs — View All
Preview image for GalileoFLF-Roman
GalileoFLF-Roman (1.0) GalileoFLF-Roman.ttfView Font Info 236 glyphs — View All


  • sarah123456 avatar
    This is a great font! Thanks!
  • lov2teach avatar
    LOVE this font!
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