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Catharsis Macchiato font by Catharsis
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This font is inspired by the ubiquitous cute and trendy espresso cafés in New Zealand. It's intended for the logo and menu of such a café, but I'm sure you can find many other uses for it.

The most common non-English languages are supported, and there is even a selection of two-character ligatures to spice up the typography. They don't appear by themselves as with Zapfino, though, you'll have to select them yourself. They're mapped onto rarely-used characters of the US Mac keyboard.

Catharsis Macchiato sample text
Catharsis Macchiato (Altsys Fontogra) CAM_____.TTFView Font Info 224 characters — View All


  • prettygirlswagger avatar
    i like this it matches my personality so well...i might use it on a project i have for my shop class!
  • fontologist avatar
    Can you do a bold version of this font?
  • ses avatar
    PERFECTION! I'm mad for hanging numerals in a thin font. Thank you.
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