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Disengaged font

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Disengaged font by CelestialStarMan
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Free for personal use. Please contact me via email for commercial use.

"Disengaged" is the font inspired by American rock artist Marilyn Manson, from his eighth studio album 'Born Villain'. The font contains seven I Ching symbols on the end of each letter. To break down the symbols, the symbols used are "Gen" (Mountain), "Xùn" (Wind), "Kan" (Water), "Qián" (Heaven), "Dui" (Lake), "Li" (Fire), "Zhen" (Thunder), and "Kun" (Earth). With the addition of an extra symbol, namely the double cross (or dubbed as the "Celebritarian Cross") which has been prevalent to Manson's work throughout his career. The use of I Ching symbology is used to represent how weakness is turned into strength. Manson's intention was not to portray a weakness as a flaw, but a reason to grow - similarly to the album's use of the word 'Villain', wherein Manson does not refer to Villain in the traditional sense of 'bad-guy', but rather a catalyst for change.

All fonts can be found at - if the site does not work than please use my Deviantart account,

Made with Adobe Photoshop and High Logic Font Creator.

Disengaged sample text
Disengaged (Version 1.00 De) DisengagedTTF.otfView Font Info 119 characters — View All


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Version 1.00 December 26, 2016, initial release