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Recommended use: Secret messages in code.

This, the Edronheem Script, is a creation for a fantasy world that I created... to read the book, visit this link:

Edronheem script is a script exclusively made for the “Edronheem” people of the world of Promentory (which is a collective name for the peoples of the dwarves, the elves, and the faeries\leprechauns), but is now made available to you through this download.
Note: For your best experience, please use the Edronheem Script under size 20 in your documents... also, updates will come out as regularly as the are available, including (hopefully) the addition of Edronheem commas, periods, and general punctuation marks. Also, it is advised that you do not try to write symbols in this script, for your extreme best experience. Thanks for downloading, have a nice day!

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  • JoshuaClingman avatar
    Nice... would be good to use as a way to write emails to other people... so long as they know what it means!
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