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Christopher's Scribble font by Christopher Jackson
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This is a handwriting based font, useful for informal text or suggesting a personal effect of the text.
I’ve drawn in most characters that you’d encounter when producing western text; an example of this is included. Okay, the examples are random gibberish, but it’s an idea of what the typeface looks like with its symbols and characters.

This is completely free to download and use for personal use. This font shouldn’t be sold, modified, or used for profit – but if it is, please contact me.

Also, if you do use the font anywhere let me know, it’d be cool to see it in action!

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Christopher's Scribble (Version 1.00 Au) Christopher's Scribble.otfView Font Info 135 characters — View All


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Typeface © Christopher Jackson. 2013. All Rights Reserved


Version 1.00 August 11, 2013, initial release