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Blackletter meets Fin de Siècle: Tip Top was released in ~1900 by Julius Klinkhardt, Leipzig. Our digitized version is based on a scan from the Book “Lettera 3”, Arthur Niggli Ltd., Switzerland 1968, where the font is called erroneously Teutonia by Roos & Junge. Thanks to Bernhard Schnelle (Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Braunschweig) who digged out a reprint of the “Schriften-Atlas” (Petzendorfer, Hannover 1999), we are happy to correct this error now. Our Teutonia has been renamed to TipTop accordingly.

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    Font Used by MagiSwords in Cartoon Network
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Schriftgiesserei Julius Klinkhardt, Leipzig, ca. 1900. Digitized by CybaPee, nov. 2004.


1.0 2004-11-24