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DJB It's My Birthday font

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DJB It's My Birthday font by Darcy Baldwin Fonts
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This font is free for personal use only. Any commercial use such as logos, web design, product sales, etsy products, cards, invitations, embroidery font end-sales, books, apps, etc. require a commercial use license available here: http://darcybaldwin.com/commercial-use

DJB It's My Birthday is a birthday themed dingbat font developed in conjunction with Brook Magee. It's full of doodled birthday goodness from balloons, to cupcakes to clowns to cakes and sayings that are great for photo accents, invitations, cards, scrapbook pages, book illustrations and more!

This font contains 1 .ttf/.otf font file with birthday themed dingbats in the A-Z and a-z and {}[] locations only. A character map is included with the file.

DJB It's My Birthday sample text
DJB It's My Birthday (Version 1.00 Ma) DJB It's My Birthday.otfView Font Info 56 characters — View All


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DJB It's My Birthday © Darcy Baldwin. 2016. All Rights Reserved


DJB Fonts are free for personal use only. Any commercial use, including web design, letterheads, logos, server loads, Etsy sales, social media (for a business), etc. requires a commercial use license available at: <br> <br>http://darcybaldwin.com/commercial-use <br> <br>If you have any questions, please contact me at djbfonts@gmail.com
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Darcy Baldwin and Brook Magee


Version 1.00 May 3, 2016, initial release

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