Darrians Frames font

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Darrians Frames font by Darrian Lynx
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Darrians Frames sample text
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Darrians Frames Two sample text
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  • luz avatar
  • spkebdidbeauty avatar
    hello can you please tell me if this font frame can be used for a whole page? If so how do I do it? Cathy tyvm
  • fontspace avatar
    @spkebdidbeauty It should be able to, just make the font a REALLY large size
  • spkebdidbeauty avatar
    @luz hello there simple how??.. I tried to let me ask you this when im in a document how can i open this frame up ? Or is it another program it works with?
  • fontspace avatar
    @spkebdidbeauty You can use the font in programs like Notepad, Microsoft Word, Photoshop, etc... Basically you'd choose the font and make the size large enough to surround your document
  • spkebdidbeauty avatar
    Hey thanks ...My font size only goes up to 72 thats not enough to frame a page..... or am I doing something wrong? I'm still in the learning stages. I'm very geatreful for your response, Thank you very much.
  • fontologist avatar
    @spkebdidbeauty Sometimes, depending on the program, you can just type in a bigger size in the box instead of picking from the ones they list.
  • Lety avatar
    how do I donload one frame? I do not get it... help please
  • fontspace avatar
    @Lety You have to install the whole font, and then type the letter for the frame you want.
  • sherico8 avatar
    I am reading the posts and I can't figure out how to take one frame and enlarge it to a 5 x 7" size. It seems impossible to manage.
  • YorkiesRule avatar
    Thank you for the fabulous frame fonts 😄
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Freeware Fontography by Darrian


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