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Korohanza font by Dave Bastian
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Korohanza is an odd font based on a series of magical characters described by 15th century Tyrolian alchemist Pietro Ulstadt in his work Das Buch Korohanza, and only slightly elaborated on in his seminal Secreto della tramutatione metallica. Since Ulstadt's works contained over 300 such characters and symbols, I've included only a few, and have arbitrarily assigned upper and lower cases, numerals, punctuation, even some diacriticals—but hey, who can tell what's what? Only a long-dead Tyrolian knows the difference.

Okay. The truth is, I really just made up all that stuff about Ulstadt. I made this font—but the other story sounds better. See if you can figure out a good use for this font; I sure can't. You could use it to send secret messages to your pals, or maybe to ad an exotic, decorative touch to otherwise drab correspondence. Sets well at small to medium point sizes.

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