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Startling font

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Startling font by Dave Bastian
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Take me to your leader! The genesis of this font was a reproduction in miniature of a cover from that old pulp Science Fiction magazine, "Startling Stories." I thought the masthead appealing, so I ventured to extrapolate an entire alphabet with only the characters A, E, G, I, O, L, N, R, S, and T as my guide. The result is a mixed bag that seems a heckuva lot more wacky than the venerable nameplate that sired this misbegotten font. Sets well at point sizes 18 and above.

Incidentally, I recently noticed that a very similar font, one also obviously modeled on the "Startling Stories" masthead, was used for the opening titles of that infectious, goofy 1989 film "Earth Girls Are Easy."

Startling sample text
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