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Stone Age font

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Stone Age font by Dave Bastian
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Urg! Gur-No Ko-Lak! Font Good! Stone-Age has the rough-hewn look of other caveman-style fonts, yet is somehow completely different. Sets well at point sizes 18 and above, but still manages to read well at smaller sizes. Has only minimal punctuation. Knock yourself out with it anyway.

Stone-Age sample text
Stone-Age stoneage.ttfView Font Info 249 characters — View All


  • spec24 avatar
    There's something very wrong with the font. The characters appear as the wrong letters. A is an F, etc. When it does work, a little, A is and X and there is no E, for example.
  • hannah456 avatar
    @spec24 this happens to me too
    also D appears as a dude
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