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DK P.I. font by David Kerkhoff
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This is the demo, bare bones, version of P.I.. It is free for personal use only. If you are going to use it commercially, then a donation is required. You can also buy the full version, which comes with kerning, embedding rights, all glyphs and extras. You CANNOT use this font in games, apps, or software. If you want a license for that, buy one from my site

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  • KiddieFonts avatar
    Been looking for a font like this for the Astronauts Wife
  • wmmm avatar
    Awesome font and David is extremely responsive and friendly if, like me, you're not an expert. The alternatives allow a terrific random typewritten effect on this one and are well worth the modest cost. A cut above. Mark
  • maostro avatar
    Greetings, I was looking for your email in the faq but did not found it so I post the situation here. I'm cinema student and will use the font for a thesis' initial and ending credits (shortfilm) is non profit so would it be ok to use it? thanks.

    PD: Awesome font.
  • pickle72 avatar
    hi. i have an awesome name for my tattoo shop and I really love this font, but I daren't put the name out there atm cos people copy ! this is the first time on this site ... but I love it .
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Copyright (c) 2011 by David Kerkhoff. All rights reserved.


Copyright (c) 2011 by David Kerkhoff. All rights reserved.


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David Kerkhoff


Version 1.000


DK P.I. is a trademark of David Kerkhoff.


David Kerkhoff
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