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Garton font by David Rakowski
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Based on the Morris Benton 1918 American classic, Announcement Roman.

Garton sample text
Garton (1.0 Thu Sep 30) Garton.ttfView Font Info 107 characters — View All


  • Elaine16 avatar
  • Jeyess avatar
    Reminds me of Garamond (favorite typeface ever) with more flourish. Using as body copy along with a script font and very pleased with the results.
  • majormil avatar
    like this one 😄 using it for a folio 😄
  • jndx1183 avatar
    Like it
  • SweetDaydreamer avatar
    Clean, not too chunky 😄
  • wordmusic avatar
    Love this font!!! I would like to know how to get permission to use it for a logo. I have a ministry/store called Could you please let me know asap what I need to do to be able to use it? Thank you! 😄
  • ses avatar
    Looks like font used for credits in "Life Of Pi" film. Wish it had hanging numerals. Otherwise PERFECT!
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Garton Font. Copyright 1992 by D. Rakowski. All rights reserved.


1.0 Thu Sep 30 16:15:31 1993