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Angelic is a script that dates back to the 12th century and was used by magicians for encrypting their 'books of shadows' or grimoires. It is similar but not identical to other scripts such as 'Melachim' and 'Passing the River'. The Author used the specimen given in the Francis Barrett book 'The Magus' as a model for the design and only a few liberties have been taken with its alphabetic order or design. 'The Magus' is readily available for inspection should the more curious wish to compare my design with his.

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  • TRyan1222 avatar
    this looks a lot like hebrew, in fact it is hebrew, its just written with straight lines and circles at the corners
  • qqq5000 avatar
    Thank You for having the incite of see the form which is truly represents for me and many archetype symbol of angelic but more celestial plane of symbols. powerful symbols as they have energy in the writing itself. I thank you again for the posting and keep do this work. sorry for post in the linear past.
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